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My Top 10 Podcasts of 2019

As we are rounding out a massive year of change and new beginnings, I’ve got to pay some credit to a big part of what got me through this transition. Podcasts. Thousands of kilometers of endless stretches of barren road. Countless hours of mind numbing agricultural labour. Upwards of 150 hours in transit – flights, layovers and commuting. I’ve gotta say, the real MVP this year for me was my podcast app. It kept me engaged in global current events when I was for the first time in my life living so far away from it all. 

  • Crime Junkie
    • I did not even realize how strong my interest in true crime really was until I discovered and devoured all available episodes on this podcast. Now I have to wait patiently for the weekly episodes and let me tell you, its agonizing. Ashley is a captivating story teller and her show is thoughtfully factual. To be honest I’m shocked that she can maintain a regular full time job on the side considering how in depth her research is into these cases. Crime Junkie has made me much more aware of the evil that exists in our backyards, but in turn has taught me to take meaningful precautions which would hopefully aid in an easier recovery if I were to ever find myself in an undesirable situation. 
  • The Daily 
    • Powered by New York Times journalism, the Daily brings you up to date coverage for the world’s need-to-know current events. This podcast really scratched an itch for me this year as I moved across the planet from a big city to an isolated town and craved connection to the world outside of it. 
  • The Intelligence
    • Brought to you by The Economist, this podcast is a new discovery for me and a greatly welcomed one when I’m in the mood for global news but I’m tired of hearing about the Trump Impeachment Inquiry. It is concise and to the point while being informative and globally diverse. 
  • Invisibilia
    • This podcast has always been a favourite of mine since I was introduced to podcasts a few years back – Can I get an AMEN for Serial Season 1 – It offers a perfect blend of human behaviour psychology with scientific concepts and ideas and the product is an introspective podcast show which challenges you to take on another perspective.   
  • Rough Translation
    • Meaningful comparisons of the trials and tribulations we all face regardless of our local culture and norms and how they are being discussed in other places in the world. 
  • Coffee Break French
    • I’ve been focusing on learning French for the past year or so and have grown my vocabulary greatly utilizing language apps, reading French books (trying to…) and flirting with my dreamy partner and favourite French teacher, Patrick. But something I have always lacked are the fundamentals of basic introductory conversation, specifically when introducing yourself and getting to know new people. I discovered this podcast and I am thrilled to say that I can strike up a “get to know you” conversation with relative ease – depending on how many glasses of wine I’ve had. Prof. Mark is a thorough teacher and the best part is that this podcast is offered for 27 different languages!
  • Dear Sugars
    • I have a strong affinity to Cheryl Strayed due to listening to the audiobook for her novel Wild during a super relevant time in my life. Hearing her wisdom contrasted with her co-host Steve Allmand offers a great opportunity to introspect. I’m fascinated by the way that others conceptualize their struggles and I’m always eager to hear the meaningful solutions. This podcast serves as an emotional exercise for me perse as it allows me to practice my solution focused skills while hearing expert opinions and other alternatives that I might not have considered. 
  • True Crime Obsessed
    • It’s difficult not to become obsessed with hosts Gillian and Patrick as their energy and enthusiasm radiates through my headphones when I tune in. These two do an alternative take on famous True Crime stories and offer a much lighter feel to stories that can otherwise be extremely heavy. They are good storytellers and thus I find myself tuning in to their show when my mind isn’t in the mood for conceptualizing new information but rather looking for a familiar place where I can be entertained by hosts who feel like friends. 
  • Sincerely X by Ted
    • Unlike the Ted speakers who you may be familiar with, Sincerely X gives a platform for powerful stories to be told by people who cannot publicly take the stage to ignite these conversations. They are meaningful truths that must be told anonymously, but are just as thought provoking as what you can expect from a Ted Talk. These messages are absolutely worth hearing and must continue to be talked about. 
  • S Town
    • This is a compelling story that will tug at your heartstrings, eventually.. It is slow to start and is perceived as a true crime investigation of a murder that allegedly took place. It gives life to the goings-on in a small middle-of-nowhere town in the Southern United States and offers an insight into the life of one curiously unique man who has an entertaining story to tell. 

That’s a wrap for my year in podcasts, but I’m always looking to add more to my roster. If you have a podcast that you love and think I would enjoy then please let me know!

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